SUSTAINABILITY: PLANTING SEEDS                                                                        SOCIAL COHESION: BREAKING BREAD

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Planting Seeds is FoodFaith’s sustainability initiative.

Activities include garden events and educational workshops.

FoodFaith’s first garden was established in Lane Cove in early 2016.

Now working with community gardens in Blacktown, establishing an inter-generational,  interfaith and cultural garden in Randwick and moveable pop-up gardens for community and commercial centres.

Workshops have included Growing an Indigenous food garden, ‘Bees to Honey’: Establishing a native bee hive and bee-friendly garden, ‘Thanksgiving’: Giving back to the garden and community, and ’Rock Gardens’: Building labyrinths and planters.

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Breaking Bread is a signature initiative of FoodFaith.

It  celebrates our cultural and faith differences and commonalities through bread, one of our first foods, significant to many.

10 – 15 groups showcase their traditional ‘breads’ for visitors to sample while representatives offer insights into related history, customs and recipes. Groups come together to create a communal dip.

Groups represented at previous events include Muslim, Jewish, Afghan, Vietnamese, Buddhist, Catholic, Indigenous, Filipino, Mexican, Chinese and Ethiopian communities.

A recent initiative in Blacktown attracted over 600 participants. Featured breads included chapatti, naan, challah, habesha dabo, pandesal, and dumplings.