With NAIDOC Week launching this Sunday, July 8th  we thought we’d do something a little different for our recipe this week here at FoodFaith.

'Bush Tucker' and indigenous food in Australia has been on a long education path and is really starting to be enjoyed by more people every single day.  Before European settlers arrived, this thriving food culture had sustained Aboriginals for thousands of years. In fact it’s estimated that over 5000 native food species were utilised by the Aboriginal peoples which accounts for roughly 20% of Australia’s native flora and fauna.

With ingredients like emu, kangaroo, crocodile, finger lime, salt bush and quandong to name a few being regularly represented not only on menu’s in restaurants but also as ingredients available for purchase or forage, native Australian recipes are a delicious option and perfect for eating out or to try at home.

Since we didn't want to limit you to just one recipe and the possibility of only trying one flavour, we’ve gathered some great sites that have plenty of wonderful recipes for you to try at home yourself:

SBS Native Australian Recipes

Outback Chef Recipes

Bush Tucker Recipes

An Indigenous Christmas Feast by Mark Olive on The Guardian

Flavours of the Coast - A Koori Cookbook from the people of the Illawarra and Shoalhaven

Indigenous Bush Tucker Recipes from Tea & Belle

Here are some great online suppliers of herbs, spices and other indigenous tastes to help you in your culinary journey:

Outback Chef Online Store

Herbies Herbs & Spices

Bush Food Shop

Happy cooking!

The beautiful banner image of native Australian herbs and spices accompanying this article comes from The Outback Chef's homepage