• Concrete Jungle (map)
  • 58 Kensington Street
  • Chippendale, NSW, 2008
  • Australia

Uncle Tobys Oats opens the world’s first Energy Exchange Café. Customers can exchange the steps accumulated doing daily activities for a unique menu of dishes.

Aussies collectively take an average of 115 trillion steps per day doing everyday activities, all of which require a natural source of energy to stay properly fuelled. Whether it be taking the stairs rather than the elevator, opting to walk over driving the car or getting stuck into household chores, these activities require just as much fuel and energy as high intensity pursuits.

Anyone who visits the Uncle Tobys Oats Energy Exchange Café and shows their accumulated step count from the previous day, or the day they visit, on their smartphones or step trackers, can select items from the menu. Customers without a step tracker will have the option to sign an ‘energy pledge’ for the steps they intend to do. The menu items will be available to exchange for set step equivalents and also come with a free coffee:

• Oat Energy Balls – 3,000 steps
• Oaty Banana Bread – 3,000 steps
• Avocado on Oat Toast – 5,000 steps
• Creamy Porridge with Mixed Berries – 5,000 steps
• Mixed Berry Hotcake – 6,000 steps
• Fruity Oat Bircher – 8,000 steps
• Savoury Turmeric Porridge with Poached Egg & Kale – 10,000 steps
• Blue Majik Smoothie Bowl with Crunchy Granola – 10,000 steps

Terms and conditions of exchanging steps for menu items:
• There are a limited number of menu items available, and a maximum of 500 coffees will be served, per day.
• Steps cannot be exchanged for monetary value.

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