• Asal Sweet Merrylands (map)
  • Shop 4 Memorial Avenue
  • Merrylands, NSW, 2160
  • Australia

Enjoy dishes lovingly prepared and shared with you by the newest Australians. Traditional recipes have come on long (and sometimes perilous) journeys from homes in Afghanistan and Persia (Iran), brought to keep these homelands alive in hearts and bellies.

These dishes are shared with you as our new neighbours and friends. You will enjoy a quick stopover for Turkish street food and then indulge in an Afghan and Persian feast which includes delicate sweets and spiced ice cream, spiced teas, and dishes that are as ‘Dizi’ as their names and as marvelous as ‘Mantu’ can be. You will discover the flavours created by the addition of dried limes and saffron, and enjoy some of the best rice and bread to be had anywhere in the world.

Along the way you will meet generous business owners and hear stories of hopes and dreams of people making long journeys to a new life in Australia.

This is far from your typical food tour! If you like exploring new cultures and communities and building relationships through food, then this is the experience for you.

This tour is proudly supported through funding from Cumberland Council and NSW State Government though the Stronger Communties fund.

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