• The Calyx (map)
  • Mrs Macquaries Road
  • Sydney, NSW, 2000
  • Australia

The health of your garden, your produce and yourself all come down to one very essential ingredient: soil.

Building soil full of nutrients, moisture, life and fertility is key to growing healthy nutritious plants. Healthy compost is a special formula for both enriching soil and reducing waste. It helps retain moisture, suppress pests and disease, reduces the need for chemical fertilisers, and encourages the production of beneficial bacteria and fungi.

Recycling your food scraps at home is also the fastest and most rewarding way to cut your household rubbish in half.

In this hands-on workshop, led by the organisation that eliminated food waste on the War on Waste’s waste-free street, you will learn about the biodynamics, principles, and techniques of composting, worm farming, and bokashi fermentation to set up and maintain a healthy composting system based on your available space and time, then how to use the liquid and solid fertiliser produced to maximum effect.

All participants will receive a coupon for discounted gear from the Compost Revolution.

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