Sydney Meliponist (otherwise known as a stingless bee-keeper), Dan Smailes, from Sydney Native Bees, will be our special guest speaker. He will enthral all with what we need to know about the important little gals, our native bees, who are a vital part of our ecosystem, pollinating and assisting our native biodiversity. Dan will share his expert knowledge on ancient forms of bee-keeping, including insights from Indigenous learnings.

Australia has over 1600 native bee species with 200 being endemic to the Sydney region. Please join us in welcoming Dan and learn about Aboriginal peoples integral relationship with ‘Ngarruu’ - the Sugarbag Bee, through medicine, tools, food and spirit and how to connect and contribute to the conservation of indigenous biodiversity in Sydney’s urbanised environment. 

Horticulturist, Meredith Kirton, will also be talking at the event about what plants to grow to attract bees and the chemicals that are a no go.