It’s that time of year again, July is upon us and so is Plastic Free July (PFJ). Plastic Free July began in 2011 by the now founder of The Plastic Free Foundation. Their aim was and still is to work towards a world without plastic, something we all know will make a huge difference to many aspects of our Earth but especially the oceans and landfill.

Millions of people across the globe now take part yearly in Plastic Free July and can choose to take the challenge, participating from anythign to a day to a whole month. Here at FoodFaith, we’ll be taking the challenge permanently (although some days we’re more successful than others!) but here’s a reminder and links to our 3-part guide on simple steps to reducing plastic and waste in your home from earlier this year.

Another important read that you may already have seen on our site is our recent feature on Microplastics which if you haven’t read, we really recommend it. Microplastics are a huge issue facing not just our natural world but also humans with the latest figures showing we each consume roughly a credit card worth of microplastics each week! Even more reason to reduce our use of plastics everyday, not just for the month of July.

According to the Plastic Free July website, participants in Plastic Free July:

  • reduce their household waste on average by 76kg per household per year (7.6%)

  • cut their use of recyclables (disposable packaging) on average by 28kg per household per year (5.6%)

  • contribute to a total saving of 490 million kg of plastic waste each year

We also love reading all the fantastic stories of how people have taken on the Plastic Free July challenge and made it long-term. Starting small or big, there’s so many inspiring stories here.

Finally, we thought we might link back to last year, when we hosted workshops to help build the greenwall for Synergy Youth Centre in Lane Cove with the help of Lane Cove Council. Made out of P.E.T. bottles, this beautiful wall utilised over 500 P.E.T. bottles and now grows happily for the youth of Lane Cove to enjoy.

So whatever you decide to do this Plastic Free July, be sure to remember that any effort on your part, big or small is worth it for ourselves, our oceans and our earth.