It seems everyone is buzzing about our new B&B Highway initiative… including the Sydney Morning Herald who this week shared a story titled “B&Bs for bees: the bid to save Sydney's pollinators”.

Thank you for sharing our story and we can’t wait to bring the project to life!


An airborne highway with rest stops for birds, bees and other insects will be created across Sydney in a bid to help food security and biodiversity.

Animals that help with pollination are declining across the city as their habitats are lost to urbanisation, Judith Friedlander, a postgraduate researcher in sustainability at the University of Technology, says.

"We are not being alarmist when we say we are at a tipping point and the loss of insects can have a cascading impact on food security and biodiversity."

In a bid to tackle this decline the academic set up the FoodFaith B&B Highway initiative, which aims to develop strategically located gardens or B&B rest stops for pollinating animals across the city.

"The native bee has to rest and have sustenance every 500 metres and that is very hard to find in Sydney," Ms Friedlander said.

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