The average Australian is sending one tonne of rubbish to the landfill per year. And so much of this waste is food-related (leftovers, anyone?). While most of us by now have some general knowledge about reducing waste, we can’t just talk the talk and not walk the walk.

The point is, we all need a little reminder every once in a while. FoodFaith isn’t here to reinvent the wheel – we know what’s tried and true, and it’s nothing groundbreaking. But if you’ve ever experienced packing a tote bag only to leave it the car, or putting some silverware in your backpack and taking the plastic anyways, you know that buying the supplies is only half the battle.

So, here is part two of our mini guide series on going zero-waste! We aim to refresh your memory, and most importantly give a nudge to actually implement these habits into your daily lives. Here are our tips & tricks for zero waste whilst eating out.

· Practice asking for your drink without a plastic straw. Write it on your hand. Pack your reusable straw in your handbag before going out, and get it out when you arrive to remind yourself that you have it. Get one the next time you see it in a store or check these out.

· Be sure to tell the takeaway restaurant you don’t need a plastic bag or utensils. Make a habit of asking for takeaway with as few extras as possible. It may seem awkward at first, but it saves them from having to buy more and we’ve all seen the quote…

· Take home leftovers! One way to fight food waste is to save the food that would be wasted. However, make sure it isn’t creating the takeaway trash we just talked about. Before going out to eat, put some small containers in your bag so you can pack it up yourself.

· Order smaller portions, and ask your server to hold the ingredients you know you won’t eat. If you don’t like rocket, it’s perfectly alright to say ‘hold the rocket, please.’

· Do some research into your favourite spots to eat out. What are their practices, how do they dispose of their leftovers and waste or do they give them to charity? Most places will be more than happy to answer and if not, maybe you need to find a new favourite…

· Buy yourself a copy of Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery if you didn’t already get it for Christmas. A guide to eating out (which we were lucky enough to review recently) that bases their reviews on the ethics and sustainability practices of the restaurant. The Australian edition is also edited by the legendary Jill Dupleix who also shared her famous Crash Hot Potato recipe with us as well.

· Once again, tell your friends. Spread the word and remind your eco-conscious brunch partners to bring their Tupperware and straws.

Best of luck and be sure to enjoy eating out a little more consciously!