Father’s Day is just around the corner. And if like every year you are going eeny, meeny, miny, mo between wallet, shaving kit, perfume, tie, or “World’s Best Dad” coffee mug as a gift for your dad, do your old man a favour. Stop right there. He might not tell it to your face but all he wants is “not” to get one of those gifts, for a change.

Get creative and get get your dad, or your baby's dad, something he hasn't been expecting. Something which shows him that you not only care for him, you also care about the environment he lives in. Here are a few eco-friendly gift ideas to get you inspired. Pick one of these or let your imagination run free.

Green grill: Summer is about to start and it’s time for backyard barbeque parties. Why not give your dad one of those fancy disc-shaped solar grills? He would not only save money on charcoal or gas but would also be able to impress his guests with an eco-friendly, smokeless barbeque that looks straight out of the Star Trek set.

Organic micro-brewed beer: Who doesn’t love some good, chilled beer to celebrate a special day? Better still if it’s one of those unique creations from a small brewery in your city. Get your dad a collection of some organic craft beers or ales this Father’s Day and see his face light up with delight. And if he is a DIY type of guy you can also buy him a brew-your-own-beer kit and let him proudly make a batch for the whole family.

Steel or glass mugs, bottles, and lunchboxes: We all need to cut down on single-use plastics and opt for reusable alternatives. Gift your dad a steel or glass water bottle and mug so that he doesn’t need to buy bottled water and coffee in disposable mugs as he is out and about. If he enjoys camping and hiking, you can buy him a set of eco-friendly steel or tungsten camping utensils. You can also get him a steel or glass lunch-box and bamboo cutlery to take to work. Biome is one online store with a great selection. 


Fair-trade chocolates: If your dad has a sweet-tooth get him some fair-trade chocolate which does not contain palm oil. Many stores in Australia, like, Aldi, Coles, Chocolatier Australia, Haigh’s Chocolates, etc. sell chocolates made from cocoa grown under environmentally sustainable conditions, free of exploitative practices and forced labour. Look for chocolates with Fairtrade, UTZ, or Rainforest Alliance certification on the packets. We always love the Haighs range!

Gift an experience: For dads interested in gardening, plants and green living, you can book a weekend mushroom-cultivation, food-foraging, permaculture, bee-keeping, or balcony gardening workshop. For those who like to work with their hands, woodcraft or pottery workshops can be a good gift. If your dad loves to cook there are workshops where he can learn to make anything from spicy Indian curries to cool Mediterranean salads. Or you can give him the gift of your company and join him on a camping trip, a bush-walk, a hike, a bird-watching trip, a kayaking trip down some lovely waterways, or an eco-tour where you get to admire the beautiful Australian wildlife. You could also involve your kids. A DIY kite set could be a great project for kids and dad to make together and then enjoy outdoors.

Grooming kit: Not all dads worry about keeping their beards well-oiled and skin blemish-free. But for those who do there’s no dearth of cosmetics and grooming accessories that are not just good for him but also for the environment. You can gift your dad a bag of organic home-made soap bars, activated charcoal face cleansers, body oil, shaving soap, after-shave, natural sunscreen, and hair crème along with grooming tools, like bamboo hair brush or comb, coconut fibre scrub pad, and wooden toothbrush. Or you can book him a treatment at a local spa that uses organic, eco-friendly products and let him take that much-needed time to relax out of his busy schedule.

Gadgets: You don’t need to be disappointed if your dad loves no other gift as much as gadgets. There are at least a few consumer electronics companies doing their bit to address the environmental impacts of their products and making positive impacts in the area of environmental sustainability. Check out Shop Ethical before you buy an electronic gadget to assess its environmental impacts for yourself.

Second-hand books: Not all gifts need to be new! For someone who loves to read it hardly matters if the book has exchanged a few hands. Buying books from thrift stores and second-hand bookshops is a good way to keep perfectly readable books in good condition from ending up in the landfill, therefore saving all the resources that go into paper manufacturing and printing. And you could probably buy five old books for your dad for the price of a single new one.

If you still haven’t found that perfect gift in the list above, check out the Good on You app or websites like Etsy, Local Harvest, Weekend Notes, Ethical Superstore , Ethical Gifts for more inspiration.

And once you have found that perfect green gift for your dad don’t stop just there. Let him know its environmental benefits and help him make environment-friendly choices in his day-to-day life as well.

Hope you have a Happy Father’s Day!