Food is essential to life. Regardless of where we are from, what our culture is, or the religion we practice, as human beings we all have one common ground that can bring us together: food. With this common connection, it is possible for people from all over the world to come together, bond, and learn about one another's culture.

At FoodFaith, we promote social cohesion and environmental sustainability through the growing, sharing, and celebrating of food. We are grateful for the opportunity to be involved with Refugee Week this year by hosting Rediscovering Your Recipe Roots #WithRefugee refugee and migrant recipe collection on June 22nd, 2018 as part of the Blacktown City Celebrations for Refugee Week alongside SydWest Multicultural Services and MECA amongst others.

Our aim through this event is to celebrate the wonderful food heritages and rich cultural additions refugees from around the world bring to Australian society. This is an opportunity for refugees and non-refugees alike to come together and learn about each other's culture and faith heritage through food. We will be collecting any types of recipes from refugees on the day of the event as well as in the days leading up to the event.

All recipes collected will be incorporated into a recipe eBook to be sent out and shared with all upon completion. The more diversity within the recipes received, the better, so please share this event with any refugees or migrants who may be interested in participating in this wonderful event and eBook creation.

To submit a recipe, there are four (with an optional fifth) important pieces of information to be included.

  1. First is the recipe itself. This should include the ingredients and methods for preparing your dish.
  2. Second, please share the story behind the recipe. Why is it important? Who did it come from? When is it typically cooked and eaten? We want to be sure to appreciate the culture of your dish.
  3. Third, an image for the e-book. Whether it be a picture of the dish itself, a picture of the person from whom the recipe came from, or a picture of family or friends enjoying a meal, provide a visual to go alongside the recipe.
  4. Lastly, please provide your contact information with the recipe. We ask for name, mobile number and an email address. Your contact will not be inserted into the e-book and will be kept private, however it is important for our records that we have the information.
  5. (optional) you may provide a handwritten version of the recipe to go into the e-book. This can be in English or in a native language and may be submitted as a hard copy or via email to FoodFaith as an extra inclusion alongside the recipe. Having handwritten versions of the recipes will no doubt enhance the e-book!

We hope that you will consider getting involved with FoodFaith's Rediscovering Your Recipe Roots #WithRefugees recipe collection this year, whether it be by joining us in person on the day of the event or by sending in a recipe to be inserted into the e-book.

Submit recipes via email to or join us at Dawson Mall on Ayres St. in Mount Druitt, NSW on Friday, June 22nd 2018 from 10am-2pm for the event!