Kate and her son

Kate and her son

Continuing on with our International Women’s Day celebration for 2018 here at FoodFaith, Kate Fraser, our Project Manager and Consultant shares her thoughts on International Women’s Day as well as her hopes for the future.


Being raised in a family run by women, I was always going to consider myself a feminist, even if I didn’t realise this until I was in my teens and saw other more traditional families and their gender roles.

My mum worked just as hard as my dad and together with my aunts alongside the memory of my grandmother, these are probably the strongest women I know. A strength that isn’t exclusive to kindness and compassion but one that radiates all the same.

Becoming a mother myself, was a learning journey and my son is proof everyday that I will never stop learning. So, knowing that he is part of the next generation of feminism, what is it that I really want him to know, to learn and to observe as he grows?

Kate's Mum, Sue

Kate's Mum, Sue

When I was on maternity leave, I loved not working and being with him. As time went by and my brain didn’t fire the same as it used to, I realised I missed some of the old me. Re-entering the workforce after leaving a demanding job, was scary and daunting but I knew I wanted to work. Not just for me but for my son. I wanted him to see the strength and work ethic my mother had shown me, working to provide for our family all those years ago.

Everyday that I go to work, I am lucky enough to work with FoodFaith who is looking to make a difference for the next generation while not ignoring the past. Everyday that I go to work and he kisses me goodbye, he knows his mother is going to work and one day will know that I’m doing something for this world and making a contribution.

I have a file on my computer with things to show him when he’s a little older. Things like Julia Gilard’s Misogyny speech and Hillary Clinton’s concession speech sit side-by-side pictures of his great-grandmother and other women of our family, things that in combination with the way we’re raising him, will help make him a compassionate, respectful and educated young man. From Maya Angelou to the UN Declaration of Human Rights with a bit of Harry Potter and Roald Dahl sometimes we might be overdoing it or trying too hard but I also know he’ll tell us where he wants to go.

I only hope that his father and I can help him usher in the progress that is still needed in this world and whatever he decides his path may be, that it contributes to a better place for all humans and gives back to the earth.

Happy International Women’s Day