This month commemorates National Tree Day which encourages members of the community to give back to our environment by helping to plant trees and other plants. Since its inception in 1996, National Tree Day has encouraged the planting of 23 million trees and plants through the efforts of more than 3.8million Australians.

National Tree Day is held on the last weekend of every July, and this year is celebrated on Sunday,  July 30th. As part of National Tree Day, schools are invited to get involved on Schools Tree Day which is held on Friday July 28th this year.

Of course, the National Tree Day initiative encourages the planting of trees  throughout the year as well. This is due to an unsustainable amount of trees being lost to deforestation, with an estimated global 15 billion trees being felled annually and only 5 billion being replanted.

If you wish to become more involved in National Tree Day or find out how to get more involved in more nature care and tree planting initiatives please visit:

Giant Ghost Gum. Image taken by Steve Parish 

Giant Ghost Gum. Image taken by Steve Parish 

Thank-you to Steve Parish and Planet Ark for images.