Question: How can you slow the growth of weeds in your garden and improve the texture of the soil without spending a lot of money on commercial products?  Answer: Turn your household rubbish into compost.  More than half of your domestic waste is compostable anyway.

Check the website of your local council for training and resources to get you started on composting. To encourage households to reduce their waste, Blacktown Council, for instance, gives away free compost bins and kitchen tidy bins to residents who attend their composting and worm farming workshops. Blacktown Council likewise offers two $25 rebates to each household that buys a worm farm or Bokashi bin. In North Sydney, the local council runs an online tutorial on how to compost and set up a worm farm.  North Sydney residents who complete the tutorial and pass the quiz  become eligible for a 50 per cent discount on compost bins and worm farms. To find your council website in NSW, look up the local government directory on

If your local council doesn’t run information sessions or tutorials, use online resources to get up to speed on the basics of composting. Clean Up Australia ( has an  online fact sheet “Composting Organic Waste” that explains briefly  the environmental impact of organic waste and describes in four easy steps what you need to do to create great compost.