FoodFaith's garden in Lane Cove received a media spotlight with Channel Seven's evening Sydney Weekender program showcasing the initiative on 7th May 2017. The show highlighted the way FoodFaith brings cultures, faiths and communities together through the growing and celebrating of food. Muslim, Jewish, Hindu and Christian community members were featured and shared knowledge about special plants that are significant to festivals and customs. 

Presenter Rose Jacobs visited the garden and interviewed founder Judy Friedlander, horticulturist Meredith Kirton, and community representatives.

As the Channel 7 promotion said: “Rose finds a community garden group that is doing more than just planting seeds together – they’re sharing faith and ideas in the most beautiful way!”

FoodFaith aims to build bridges across different faith, cultural and community groups through our shared learnings and practices of food and sustainability.

The not-for-profit organisation brings to the table the traditions and wisdoms of faiths and cultures through community gardens, media communications, events and educational programs.