Great day at the Lane Cove annual Sustainability Lane/Village Fair event on October 9th. The Fair was a celebration of Think Global, Act Local with many inspirational initiatives featured. Thousands attended and the event showcased how sustainability and enterprise can both benefit. The FoodFaith Sprouting Up kits, home-made potato stamps and ecobubbles were a hit - simple, home-grown wisdoms and techniques that we wish to reclaim and celebrate! For instructions on how to grow your own sprouts, see below.

Advance FoodFaith Fair!

Advance FoodFaith Fair!

We look forward to welcoming all those who expressed interest in getting involved in the FoodFaith community garden. Thanks to Lane Cove Municipal CouncilLane Cove Sustainability Action GroupLane Cove Rotary, Lane Cove Bush Kids, Lane Cove Bushland & Conservation Societyand Lane Cove Bushcare for other inspirational stalls. 

Sprouting up instructions

(Thanks to Lilli Barto)

Yields approximately 1 cup of sprouts per tablespoon of seed

Soak time: 8 - 12 hours

Rinse and Drain: Twice daily - if very hot and humid, add third rinse. Ready in 3 to 6 days.

1. Rinse: Put seeds in a clean colander or sieve fine enough that they won't fall through. Turn the tap on as high as it will go and thoroughly blast the seeds. Stir them up with your hands to ensure that they are all evenly blasted, and continue until the water runs clear.

2. Soak: Put the seeds into the glass jar and cover with water. There should be 2 to 3 times as much water as there is seeds as they will absorb a lot. You cannot add too much water but you can have too little. Leave them to soak for 6 to 12 hours. Don't go longer than 12 because it will hurt your germination rate.

3. Drain, rinse, repeat: Drain off the soak water and thoroughly rinse your sprouts. Make sure you really get all of them and use a lot of water. Drain as much water off as humanly possible and then leave the jar somewhere that is room temperature and not in direct sunlight. They do not have to be in the dark but definitely don't put them in the sun as they will dry out. The corner of the kitchen bench is usually perfect. Rinse them again every 8 to 12 hours, basically 2 to 3 times a day. Don't forget to drain them thoroughly after each rinse. 

4. Enjoy! In 3 to 6 days you can enjoy your own homegrown nutritional supplements. They will keep in the fridge for a few days but they are at their best when fresh.