Benefits of a Community Garden

Why should I start a community garden?

A community garden is a shared space that brings community members together to plant, tend and harvest. This can range from fruits, vegetables, flowers to herbs, and even small livestock. Community gardens can be established for a variety of purposes that can range from health, social, environmental, educational to economic benefits.  This includes helping to:

  • Encourage active community participation and social cohesion
  • Provide a reliable, cheap and sustainable food source
  • Deliver a practical and engaging education program
  • Encourage physical exercise
  • Provide a welcoming space for personal self-development


How do I start a community garden?

Before starting a community garden, it is good to have a plan about the various elements that are required to successfully establish and maintain a community garden including how the garden will operate, how to obtain land, funding and sponsorship requirements, the marketing strategy, attracting participants, and the governance and legal requirements.

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