creating fertile common ground

FoodFaith promotes social and environmental sustainability through the growing, sharing and celebrating of food

We have three main projects: 

- Planting Seeds - community garden creation, implementation and education

- Breaking Bread - sharing our cultural commonalities and differences through bread

- Rediscovering Our Recipe Roots - collecting traditional recipes for all to enjoy

FoodFaith works with cultures, faiths and communities, and assists local government, and a wide range of community and corporate groups.

FoodFaith is supported by major organisations including The Institute for Sustainable Futures at the University of Technology Sydney, the Australian Association for Environmental Education, The National Council of Churches, the Aboriginal Heritage Office, The Hindu Council of Australia, the Jewish Board of Deputies, The Australian National Imams Council, Community Greening and K & L Gates. 

Founder Judy Friedlander is a doctoral candidate at the Institute for Sustainable Futures at the University of Technology Sydney. She draws on her background as newspaper editor and feature writer with The Sydney Morning Herald, The Sun-Herald, and as a producer with Channel Nine.

Thanks to Emily Tresize for creating this for us.