FoodFaith aims to build bridges across different faith, cultural and community groups through our shared learnings and practices of food and sustainability.

Our major aims are to encourage dialogue on positive interfaith values and strategies, and food sustainability issues. We also brings to the table the specific traditions of the major faiths that nurture our world.

With climate change, hunger, loss of biodiversity, water restrictions and other environmental crises on our doorstep, the world’s leading faiths can have a special role in sustainability initiatives.

Every faith celebrates food as a spiritual gift and every faith has something powerful to say about our role in protecting the natural world.

Simple changes we can all make in our daily lives include:

  • Linking up with local farmers through community supported agriculture
  • Sharing excess food with organizations who can benefit
  • Advising against or banning the use of ingredients from endangered plants and animals in food and traditional medicines
  • Eating less meat and more vegetables to reduce our personal carbon footprint