FoodFaith was founded in March 2015 as a response to Judy’s passion in cultivating greater appreciation of the environment we live in as well as fostering greater understanding and connections among communities through two important forces in our lives – Food and Faith. With a background in newspaper, television and web media and journalism, Judy currently works as a postgraduate researcher at the Institute for Sustainable Futures at the University of Technology Sydney and brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the sustainability space.

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As a horticulturalist, garden consultant and past ambassador for the Nursery and Garden Industry of Australia, Meredith brings her expertise and wealth of experience in the horticultural industry to FoodFaith. Meredith’s passion to raise awareness of environmental issues through the use of gardens has seen her involved in numerous garden projects and she is also the author of a number of gardening books and resources.




Anthony has worked in the finance industry for over 30 years, including six years as a CEO of an ASX top 30 company. Over the past 12 years, Anthony has also been active in the not-for-profit sector, in particular, with food-based organisations   Anthony was integral in the establishment of OzHarvest and was Chairman of the board for the first six years. 



project manager

Kate has spent the last 15 years in PR, Marketing, Retail and Social Media Consultancy. Her diverse experience spans from Australian Fashion Week production, large-scale public event creation and managing a broad range of clients across fashion, retail and not-for-profit. Her long-held passion for food and sustainability became a work-priority with the birth of her first child. Kate manages FoodFaith’s numerous projects, keeping the team on track and the media up-to-date about our latest events while managing our wonderful team of volunteers, alongside our social media platforms. 


franscois Mchardy

Sustainability consultant

Franscois has held senior executive roles in publishing, direct marketing, education and the not-for-profit sector. He was a foundation team member of Good360 in Australia and established GeekAbility for Woodville Alliance Ltd, an innovative new vocational skills training program for young people with disabilities in south western Sydney. He has served as the Managing Director of the CBS-owned Simon & Schuster Australia Pty Ltd and is a fellow of the Centre for Sustainability Leadership.



Having spent her childhood on a produce farm in Africa, Leanne is passionate about sustainable farming and food cultivation practices. Leanne is also a keen advocate of interfaith and intercultural initiatives. Leanne brings her considerable expertise as a corporate lawyer working with both blue chip and not for profit clients to her role as Company Secretary. Leanne manages FoodFaith's legal, risk and compliance obligations. 




Smita is an environmental journalist, editor, and wildlife biologist with a passion for all things green. Her work with various newspapers, magazines, ecological consultancies, and NGO's across the globe has focused on communicating science and sustainability-related messages to a diverse, mostly non-scientific, audience over the past ten years. Coming from India, a land of vast cultural and culinary diversity, she has grown up with a deep appreciation for different faiths and their food practices. This is the reason why FoodFaith’s idea of bringing together various cultures to work towards a sustainable future through their food practices sits in perfect alignment with her own belief system. 

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Rachel Fieldhouse

Content Creation

Rachel is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science at Sydney University. Combining her interests in chemistry and biology with her passions for literature and writing has given her a keen insight into the need for sustainable food practices. Her skills as a writer enable her to bring her insights into the role that food plays in sustainability and social cohesion to the wider community through her role at FoodFaith. 




Having studied Journalism at UTS and worked for many years for PBL Media (now Bauer Media), Marian has found her niche in freelancing and writing about issues she's passionate about.  Coming from a multicultural background she's a firm believer that food and faith bring people closer together, making her an ideal contributor for FoodFaith. 


Jason Wang

Web developer

Jason is a web developer who is always learning new things to develop professionally. When he was in China, he worked with a Fortune 500 company and was in charge of software development. Since 2016, he  moved to Sydney and  focus  on Front End Development. He is contributing his extensive experience to FoodFaith and working on the overall look and feel of our website. 

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Naomi Shaw

Photographic Contributor

Naomi has a passion for interacting with people from all walks of life.   She loves looking through the lens to capture fleeting moments in time. Her photos draw on her recent work as a film producer and past experience as a human resources practitioner.   She is an avid supporter of the work FoodFaith is doing in the community.  


Dr Mark Tayar


Mark Tayar has Bachelor, Master and PhD degrees from Macquarie University. Mark was a Marketing Manager for four years and then went into academia. He has worked at six Australian universities and three smaller training providers. Mark was the 2017/18 SANE Hocking Fellow and is currently publishing on mental health. Mark has previously published on higher education, international business and diversity management. Mark has been awarded 14 recent grants and his volunteering at FoodFaith continues this work.

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JessicA TEo

Content Creation

Jessica currently studies at UTS, in a Bachelor of Product Design and Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation. With expertise in video production and graphic design, Jessica assists with FoodFaith's social media creation. Particularly passionate about engaging with people and the stories they have to tell, Jessica creatively works through an empathetic lens at FoodFaith, in retelling stories around food sustainability as told from various faith and cultural perspectives.


Dr Akanksha Sharma

content creation

Akanksha is a life sciences professional with more than a decade of experience in plant crop biotechnology research covering tissue culture, molecular biology, biochemistry and microbiology with specialization in plant genetic engineering studies developing transgenic plants with modified traits. A recent migrant from India herself, she identifies with the vision and principles of Food faith and wants to share her knowledge and skills set to help the organization with grant applications and other fundraising.


Jing Ng

Event Coordinator

Jing is currently studying at UTS and has a passion and love for food. She loves travelling and enjoys trying new foods that different cultures have to offer. Jing is a strong advocate for food sustainability and firmly believes in the power of food to unite people together. She contributes to the FoodFaith team through organising events.

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Emily Trezise

Content Creation

Emily is in her final semester of studying Marketing as part of a Bachelor of Commerce at Macquarie University. With a passion for marketing, graphic design and video production, Emily is contributing to the FoodFaith team by assisting with content creation and social media, as well as developing a marketing plan. Passionate about social & environmental sustainability, Emily enjoys working with the FoodFaith team to communicate its important message to the wider community.

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Madalena Tran

Content Creation

Madalena is currently completing her degree in Economics at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. As someone who enjoys travelling, her globetrotting experiences contribute to her great appreciation and compassion for other cultures and peoples. In the past, she has worked for a non profit called MASSCosh advocating for workers rights and has became passionate in local sustainability after working briefly at an NGO that raised awareness to help save the bees as well as issues such as fracking in Alaska.

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Cyprus Van Inwegen

Content Creation

Cyprus is a senior at the University of California, Davis, completing her Bachelor of Arts in Communications with a minor in Professional Writing. Originally from the United States, she is studying abroad in Australia and flexing her writing muscles as a contributor for FoodFaith. Cyprus grew up valuing food, the environment, and multiculturalism in the everyday, and leapt at the chance to explore the mission of sustainability and interfaith collaboration in a professional setting. Around town you can find her researching articles, filming episodes of 5 with FoodFaith, and searching for the best coffee in Sydney. 

Thanks to all who have given their time:

Brendan McCool, Marjaneh Ghafari, Lilli Barto, Kristine Abalos, Jane Hemmelgarn, Rebecca Blascak , Emma Penzenstadler, Jason Schadow, Stephen Blaxhall, Christian Abad, Eric Liebl, Ky Haus, Casey Miller, Skylee Lawton, Haley Olexa, Mark Anthony Peña, Olga Ivanishena, Stephen Peterson, Brooke Diviak, Victoria Karutz, Justine Hice and Maxwell Hogue.